Technology Overview

How IMD Works
IMD technology’s patented design configuration confines the current flow to the antenna element. This optimizes the isolation of the antenna and reduces energy loss to surrounding componentry and the environment.

Why IMD is Better
The Current Flow diagram shown below compares IMD to a commonly used embedded technology called PIFA (Planar Inverted F Antenna).

In both examples, the antennas are mounted on a circuit board and excited by current. Red areas are “hot,” with strong, damaging electrical current flows. When other components (camera modules, shield cans and other passives) are put into these “keep-out” areas, they reduce antenna performance. Blue areas, on the other hand, are “cool” and can easily accommodate other components with minimal effect. 
The PIFA diagram has significantly bigger red areas due to the strong current flows radiating out onto the board. In such a situation, the antenna loses large amounts of energy, resulting in lower antenna efficiency. The larger keep-out areas also reduce the amount of implementation freedom you have in product design as well.
In contrast, IMD’s unique, patented shape provides a method by which current is confined to the antenna element that significantly reduces energy loss due to interference with surrounding components. This improves overall performance and stabilizes antenna tuning, and thus delivers a much more efficient antenna.

IMD Benefits

IMD Technology – delivers top performance while minimizing size and harmful emissions

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