RFIC Power Amplifier Design Engineer

Join the Ethertronics award-winning team to continue building the future in Wireless Front end system and Front end modules.  This position has responsibility for designing state-of-the-art linear Power Amplifiers (PAs) for Front End Modules (FEMs) in advanced semiconductor technologies for WiFi, Cellular and other standards.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support PA and FEM product definition
  • Product Design and Evaluation: Schematic Capture, Simulation, Physical Design, LPE, Design Verification
    • Multistage, integrated, highly linear and efficient PAs
    • Ability to both empirically and analytically design for gain, stability, reliability, power, efficiency, gain, etc.
    • Ability to conduct linear and nonlinear simulation based analyses of passive and active circuits in Cadence (SpectreRF) and Keysight (ADS)
  • Create circuit solutions for new products within performance, cost, and power constraints
  • Perform electromagnetic and thermal simulation and optimization of PA and FEM package
  • Release complete design and measurement product documentation
  • Collaborate with team to
    • Ensure proper operation of integrated product
    • Develop viable packaging solutions
    • Create efficient, manufacturable and flexible device layouts
    • Define, execute and review data from characterization and reliability testing
    • Develop high quality, cost effective production ATE solutions
    • Develop tools for Field Applications team and design win enablement

Knowledge, Skill and Competency Requirements

  • Solid understanding of:
    • RF fundamentals, Smith chart, impedance matching, power transfer, stability analysis
    • State of the art PA architecture, techniques and technologies
    • PA distortion effects, memory effects, characterization and modeling
    • Device limits of operation and safe operating region
    • PA impedance matching topologies and techniques
    • PA RFIC packaging and module design techniques
    • RFIC design, simulation, layout, CAD tools and evaluation
  • Ability to develop a PA from definition through to production ramp, including all multidisciplinary efforts, collaborating with discipline experts throughout
  • Ability to design experiments to effectively prove/disprove theories, with a passion for root cause
  • Ability to floorplan on-chip mixed signal blocks
  • Analytical and data centric, with a strong desire to correlate simulation/analyses to measurement
  • Evaluation board design experience
  • Excellent measurement and debugging skills in the RF lab

Highly Valued Traits

  • Affinity for startup environments
  • Strong experience developing analog and RF ICs in modern CMOS technology
  • Experience with CMOS-SOI, SiGe BiCMOS and III/IV compound linear power amplifier designs
  • Excellent communication skills, including clear and complete documentation
  • Experience shipping complex PA products (ICs, modules) in high volume
  • Knowledge of device reliability mechanisms, transmitter architectures and requirements, and modern PA linearization techniques
  • Curiosity in innovation with a passion for taking product ideas to volume production
  • Cadence/ADS superuser
  • Team player with strong sense of urgency to complete projects on time
  • Ability to predict or debug integration issues (e.g., radiated or conducted interference)
  • Strong RF and IC design fundamentals and ability to use them correctly and creatively
  • Experience with: Matlab, ADS, HFSS, Momentum, JMP, CVI, Labview and MSOffice tools

Education and Experience

  • MSEE minimum, PhD-EE preferred
  • 4+ years industry RFIC design/development experience

Ethertronics offers market-based salaries and competitive compensation packages with competitive benefits.

Ethertronics is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

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