Ethertronics Active Steering Technology Turbocharges Wi-Fi Performance in Dell’s New Latitude 7490 Laptop

News Highlights:

  • Dell’s new Latitude 7490 business laptop incorporates Ethertronics’ Active Steering™ technology system to enhance 802.11ac Wi-Fi performance
  • 5GHz 802.11ac performance in Dell’s 7490 Laptop is up to 40% higher as compared to traditional passive antenna solutions
  • Ethertronics will be demonstrating its latest Active Steering Technology solutions at CES 2018


LAS VEGAS, January 9, 2018 CES 2018 Ethertronics, the leader in high performance antenna system solutions, today announced that Dell Inc. has incorporated Ethertronics Wi-Fi Active Steering technology into its newly launched Latitude 7490 laptop, announced today at CES 2018.

When starting the design for its flagship Latitude 7490 business laptop, Dell sought out technologies that would deliver a leap in 802.11ac Wi-Fi throughput and range for its business laptop product family.  Ethertronics, already a supplier of advanced laptop antenna solutions for multiple generations of Dell laptops, worked with Dell to assess the 7490 performance goals and design challenges.  Ethertronics proposed a unique solution to meet Dell’s stringent requirements via a customized Active Steering antenna solution based on Ethertronics’ EC482 / EC614 chipset solution.

Throughout the design process, Ethertronics worked closely with Dell’s engineering teams to tailor the antenna solution to Dell’s advanced design and optimize the system software to maximize the 802.11ac Wi-Fi performance and range for its new 7490 Latitude laptop.  As a result of the joint collaboration between Dell and Ethertronics, in real-world testing the new Dell 7490 laptop delivered an average throughput increase of 40% on 802.11ac networks vs. today’s passive antenna solutions.

“Enterprise and business computing is placing ever-escalating demands on Wi-Fi performance including throughput, capacity, and coverage,” said Vahid Manian, Chief Operating Officer, Ethertronics. “By working closely with leading OEMs such as Dell to optimize our Active Steering solutions for high-performance mobile clients and access points we enable a major leap in Wi-Fi throughput and coverage, reduce the support burden for broadband and Wi-Fi networks, and deliver robust performance in high-demand environments.”

Ethertronics will be exhibiting its latest antenna system solutions, including its breakthrough Active Steering technology, at CES 2018 January 9-12.  For more information or to arrange a meeting, please contact an Ethertronics at


About Ethertronics Wi-Fi Active Steering Antenna

Wi-Fi Active Steering Antenna technology generates multiple radiation patterns from a single antenna structure, allowing one antenna to operate as four different antennas. Each antenna operates as a system to optimize radio link performance in real-time on a per-antenna / per-client basis. Ethertronics Wi-Fi Active Steering Antenna solutions have been shown in real-world testing to deliver up to 2X or greater throughput and coverage improvements, particularly under conditions of moderate to weak Wi-Fi signal coverage.  The performance benefits of Active Steering Antennas are additive to gains realized through MIMO and beamforming techniques, and are scalable to next-generation 802.11ax technology.  For more detail about Active Steering Antenna technology, visit

About Ethertronics

Ethertronics is a global leader and innovator in ultra-high performance smart antenna system solutions for wireless communications. Ethertronics Active Steering Antenna technology provides performance enhancements for throughput, range, efficiency and reliability across a range of applications, from mobile phones to Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things. Ethertronics has shipped over 1.7 billion antenna systems that are being used by leading wireless handset and device manufacturers worldwide. For more information, visit


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