Ethertronics Announces Groundbreaking 802.11ax Wi-Fi Active Steering™ System

News Highlights:

  • Delivers a generational leap in design flexibility and Wi-Fi platform support
  • Proven 2x benefits of Wi-Fi Active Steering performance and coverage in a more flexible and cost-reduced system offering
  • The EC477 / EC624 Active Steering platform has been optimized with market-leading Wi-Fi solutions


AMSTERDAM, Sept. 14, 2017IBC2017Ethertronics, the leader in high performance antenna system solutions, today announced its next-generation Wi-Fi Active Steering™ platform, based on the EC477 Active Steering Processor and the EC624 Active Steering™ Antenna Switch. Combined with Ethertronics’ patented Active Steering Antenna architecture, this system delivers 2x performance and coverage benefits of Active Steering Technology in a flexible, cost-optimized solution and provides seamless integration for both broadband gateway and client platforms.


Ethertronics’ latest Active Steering solution doubles throughput, range, and efficiency for high-performance 802.11ax/802.11ac systems and has been optimized for today’s market-leading Wi-Fi access point and client solutions. Additionally, the Active Steering technology implemented in the EC477/EC624 family provides performance and scalability for next-generation 802.11ax applications.


“Ever growing at-home data usage, multi-user / multi-channel consumption of ultra-HD content, and rapidly increasing deployment of IoT devices inside and outside are driving the need for consistent Wi-Fi throughput, capacity and coverage throughout the home,” said Vahid Manian, Chief Operating Officer, Ethertronics. “Our Active Steering systems enable operators and OEMs to develop and deploy high-performance Wi-Fi solutions which maximize throughput and range, reducing the need for expensive service calls and expert onsite device deployment.”


Ethertronics’ new EC477 and EC624 family improves upon its previous generation Active Steering solution by reducing design costs and providing greater flexibility in antenna solution choice. The EC477/EC624 solution reduces design complexity and cost via its innovative Data-Over-Coax (DOC) interface, which allows Active Steering signaling to coexist on the same physical cable as the main RF signal without introducing any degradation of the main Wi-Fi signal. The DOC interface eliminates the need for custom connectors and signaling cables, which significantly reduces the system BOM and enables easier deployment of off-PCB antennas to maximize Wi-Fi radio link performance.


Ethertronics new EC477/EC624 Active Steering solution enables any mix of active and passive antennas, in any combination of on-PCB and off-PCB placement. In conjunction with this solution, Ethertronics Active Steering Antennas are offered in both standard designs and configurations customized to OEM design needs. Combined with Ethertronics antenna and RF integration expertise, the EC477/EC624 system provides maximum flexibility and a seamless integration path to realize the benefits of Wi-Fi Active Steering.


EC477 Active Steering™ Processor Features:

  • Embedded Modal Cognitive Diversity (MCD) for real-time optimization of Wi-Fi radio link performance
  • Up to 8×8 802.11ac MIMO support
  • Data-Over-Coax interface (DOC) for reduced BOM cost and more flexible design
  • Scalability for next-generation 802.11ax platforms


EC624 Active Steering™ Antenna Switch Features:

  • High performance Active Steering switch
  • Pairs with EC477 to maximize performance on a per-antenna and per-client basis
  • Data-Over-Coax interface (DOC) for flexible, cost-optimized off-PCB antenna placement and simplified device manufacturing



Ethertronics is currently sampling the EC477/EC624 Wi-Fi Active Steering solution to lead customers and early access partners, with broad reference design availability planned for Q4 2017.


IBC Conference Briefings
Ethertronics is briefing OEMs, operators, and key ecosystem partners on its new Wi-Fi Active Steering solutions at IBC 2017, held in Rai, Amsterdam Sept. 15-19, 2017. To schedule a meeting please contact


About Wi-Fi Active Steering

Wi-Fi Active Steering technology generates multiple radiation patterns from a single antenna structure, allowing one antenna to operate as four different antennas. Each antenna operates as a system to optimize radio link performance in real-time on a per-antenna / per-client basis. Ethertronics Wi-Fi Active Steering solutions have been shown in real-world testing to deliver 2X or greater throughput and coverage improvements, particularly under conditions of moderate to weak Wi-Fi signal coverage. The performance benefits of Active Steering are additive to gains realized through MIMO and beamforming techniques, and are scalable to next-generation 802.11ax technology. For more detail about Active Steering technology, visit .


About Ethertronics

Ethertronics is a global leader and innovator in ultra-high performance smart antenna system solutions for wireless communications. Ethertronics Active Steering technology provides performance enhancements for throughput, range, efficiency and reliability across a range of applications, from mobile phones to Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things. Ethertronics has shipped over 1.7 billion antenna systems that are being used by leading wireless handset and device manufacturers worldwide. For more information, visit


Active Steering™ is a trademark of Ethertronics, Inc.


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Trent Bartow
Director of Marketing