Ethertronics Invents New Active Steering IC, with Embedded Processor, for MIMO Applications; Maximizes Wireless Throughput and Enhances Video Streaming via WiFi Devices

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – February 17, 2015 Ethertronics, a leading technology company enabling innovative antenna and RF system solutions to deliver the best connected experience, today unveiled EtherChip EC482™, the first of the EtherChip line of RF devices to enable Ethertronics’ game-changing Active Steering™ technology for WiFi and other 5 GHz applications. EtherChip EC482 has been specifically designed for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) 5 GHz and WiFi applications, with superior single- and multi-antenna performance at frequencies even beyond the WiFi high-band. Ultra-fast RF switching seamlessly supports WiFi air interface protocols. Very low off capacitance provides ample control in switching reactances at high WiFi frequencies. Embedded in the EC482 are Ethertronics’ proprietary algorithm and communication and control conduits to enable Active Steering for WiFi applications. Ethertronics’ worldwide applications team can easily integrate EC482 into a variety of products, including access points, set-top boxes, WiFi clients, WiFi extenders, wearables and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Ethertronics’ Active Steering technology generates multiple radiation patterns from a single antenna structure. EC482 enables Ethertronics’ Active Steering “beam steering” technique from a wireless device by monitoring RF link performance, and through a combination of closed loop and predictive algorithms, optimally selects the antenna radiation pattern that provides the best RF link performance. The EC482 is the master controller of this process, containing not only the RF electronics, which are used to implement the steering of the antenna beam, but also the control software and embedded processor that host Ethertronics’ proprietary algorithm, which continuously and intelligently optimizes the RF communications link for exceptional performance. This capability provides for revolutionary improvements in range, data throughput and signal quality for applications such as video streaming. Additional advantages include interference reduction, robustness in multipath environments, improved connection reliability and better spectral efficiency.

“As the desire for on-demand video streaming continues to increase with consumers accessing content via their televisions, tablets, smartphones and more, so too does the need for innovative technology to support this growing demand,” said Vahid Manian, Chief Operating Officer for Ethertronics. “With our new EtherChip EC482, we’ve drawn upon our extensive experience in RF design and engineering, and are bringing to market what we believe will be the main catalyst to not only enable best-in-class video streaming, but utterly transform how cable and satellite providers, as well as other market entrants, roll these wireless services out to consumers. For instance, with the integration of our patented EC482 in set-top boxes, cable and satellite providers will reap a number of benefits – from high-performance video streaming to major OpEx savings. Active Steering technology autonomously beam steers for the best RF communication link, allowing consumers to easily self-install these WiFi boxes in their own homes, regardless of orientation or location, and further reduces the need for on-site technician assistance. WiFi Active Steering on the 5GHz band delivers enhanced data throughput and expanded data traffic.”

EC482 additionally enables seamless WiFi offloading capabilities for wide area network wireless operators.

With an operating frequency range of 100 MHz to 7000 MHz, EC482 has a small footprint at just 3.0 x 3.0 x 0.75 mm3 in a QFN 24-pin package. Very low power consumption is required for operation, which makes the EC482 suitable for even battery-operated systems.

Ethertronics will be showcasing its new EtherChip EC482 and Active Steering solutions in its booth during Mobile World Congress (Hall 1, Stand 1D49), March 2-5, 2015 in Barcelona. To schedule a meeting at Mobile World Congress and learn more, please contact

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Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., Ethertronics is a technology company enabling innovative antenna and RF system solutions to deliver the best connected experience for operators, OEMs and consumers. The company – via its Antenna, Systems and Chip Divisions – is established in designing and manufacturing high-performance embedded antenna system solutions supporting a wide range of applications. Ethertronics’ patented Isolated Magnetic Dipole™ (IMD) technology has a legacy as a strong foundation for passive, as well as active antennas designs. Ethertronics’ technology has been selected by major customers with worldwide shipments over 1.2 billion. Ethertronics maintains a global network of design centers and manufacturing operations. For more information, visit, and for images of Ethertronics’ products contact