Samsung Selects Ethertronics’ IMD™ Antenna Technology for the Infuse™ 4G Smartphone

SAN DIEGO – May 24, 2011–  Ethertronics, a leading technology company enabling the future direction of mobile communications via its portfolio of antenna and RF solutions, today announced that its Isolated Magnetic Dipole™ (IMD) antenna technology is enabling broadband connectivity for Samsung’s new Infuse™ 4G smartphone, which is being dubbed as the world’s thinnest 4G smartphone. The selection underscores Ethertronics’ reputation as a leading provider of innovative antenna systems solutions for wireless devices.

In today’s smartphones and the Infuse 4G in particular, designing an antenna solution that will support competitive form factor design, yet meet stringent RF specifications is challenging. Ethertronics has been dedicated to providing custom engineered solutions to meet the marketplace demands.

“Mobile operators and their smartphone suppliers are increasingly focusing on the role that antenna systems play in delivering 3G and 4G performance that’s noticeably superior to rival products,” said Laurent Desclos, Ethertronics’ President and CEO. “The inclusion of IMD technology in the Samsung Infuse is a testament to our focus on providing the highest performance antenna solutions to Samsung’s mobile products.”

Ethertronics has additionally provided antenna systems for a variety of other Samsung products, including the Ultra Edition and Ultra Edition II handset lines.

Ethertronics’ patented IMD technology enables smaller size, design implementation flexibility, shortened design cycle and higher overall performance. For more information about IMD, visit

About Ethertronics

Headquartered in San Diego, Ethertronics is a technology company enabling the future direction of mobile communications through antenna and RF system solutions. The company is established in designing and manufacturing high-performance embedded antenna solutions supporting a wide range of applications. The company’s patented Isolated Magnetic Dipole™ (IMD) technology has a legacy as a strong foundation for passive, as well as active antenna designs. Ethertronics’ technology has been selected by major customers with worldwide shipments well over 100 million annually. Ethertronics maintains a global network of design centers and manufacturing operations. For more information, visit