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Standard and Custom Designs

Our high performance, “off the shelf” antennas can speed your time-to-market while reducing up-front design challenges. For situations that require highly specialized form factors to meet performance, size, specific physical location or mechanical constraints, a custom solution can be quickly developed.

Experience and Advice from the Industry’s Best

Our RF and mechanical teams will help you make better decisions in the development process to ensure your antenna will meet the required specifications. And our network of strategically located design centers has the right equipment and technical personnel to help support you in all phases of design—from initial prototype development to TIS (Total Isotropic Sensitivity) and TRP (Total Radiated Power) performance testing.

Get Your Products to Market Faster

Ethertronics can help you get your products to market faster. Our experienced design teams, combined with our well-honed systems and processes, enable us deliver antenna solutions quickly and consistently.

Engineering Support Services

Ethertronics has developed antennas for more than 1,000 unique platform designs. Every new design leverages our experience to minimize time-to-market and development costs, even when extensive customization is required. Developed as a platform company, Ethertronics has design centers and manufacturing facilities strategically located worldwide including China, Taiwan, the U.S. and other countries to support our global customers. All design centers have experienced engineers who have worked on hundreds of designs and are equipped with the same test equipment. This ensures customers receive a consistent experience as product moves from the design stage to production in different countries.